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Programming Contests

The computer science department has held an internal programming contest for BJU students since the spring of 1990. We started competing intercollegiately at the CCSC-SE programming contest in 2002 and then with the (then) ACM-ICPC Southeastern Regional in 2003.

Recent graduates compiled problems from various contests and have placed them in HackerRank. Students can use these contests to practice general problems or solve campus contest problems that they didn’t get while the contest was running.

 Here are the contests:

All of the problems in each contest are sorted by difficulty, so easier ones should show first.

Programming Contest History

See our Github repo recording our departmental history of programming contest participation.

IEEE Xtreme History

YearOverallUSA Rank
9.0 231 23
10.0 94 3
11.0 82 4
  96 5
12.0 26 4
13.0 105 8
14.0 62 2